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5 Coolest Interiors of 2017

You’ve probably been inside a lot of offices, business and universities.  And let’s face it, the interiors don’t exactly blow you away.  Well, here are 5 of the interiors completed by Method-1 in 2017 that did blow us away… and all for different reasons.  



1. Samford University

Nationally ranked  McWhorter School of Pharmacy sought to dedicate an area to the school’s past.  This installation was created to showcase the McWhorter School of Pharmacy’s history through a timeline that layers artifacts, 3D elements, interactive technology and graphics.  This recent install sparked significant feedback, including feedback from the Dean.  Follow the link to read his testimony and see more images.



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2. Mercedes-Benz, Body Shop Cafe 

 Now on our 3rd plant cafe at the sprawling, MBUSI campus in Vance, Alabama, we are favoring this one a bit.  Why?  Because this was the first complete blank slate project that we did for Mercedes.  A new build, white space is such a wonderful canvas.  Check out the before/after pictures at the link to see the dramatic change.

 Mercedes Media Wall Monitor

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3. Vestavia Hills High School

Certainly not a largest project for the year, we added this one for what’s behind the design.

High impact branding packages aren’t only for college sports.  Bold graphics and clean design were used to bring new life to this high school basketball locker room.  A combination of inspirational quotes, mascot usage as well as the school logo created a motivating space for the team.

So why did this high school make the list?  Because this is a clear example of how good design and robust graphics can make an impact on a previously unappealing space.  Check out the amazing before and after pictures at the link.

Locker Room Design

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4. Southern Nuclear

Southern Nuclear was looking for a firm that could revamp and energize their 2,000 square foot Educational Experience facility in Dothan AL. Method-1 came in and was able to completely transform the space in three different phases.  The current audience is comprised of 80% students, so engaging and interactive design was a must for the company. Southern Nuclear’s mission is simple; to educate and bring awareness to Nuclear power.

Using some existing pieces from the previous center, the finished project turned out to be exactly what Southern Nuclear was looking for.

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5. First US Bank

First US Bank was in search of a modern bank interior that works across many generations.  Working with Method-1, they received a branch that appeals not only to Millennials … but their grandmothers, as well.


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