Health Care Design

We help providers reimagine how your interior healthcare design empowers patients and benefits communities. Through research and integrated expertise, we design health care interiors that harness technology to produce better experiences. 

Hospital Interior Design
Hospital Interior Design
Reception Desk

Enhance the patient experience. Shape a healthy future.

Our integrated team of designers, planners, craftsman, consultants and technical specialists are highly experienced in planning and implementing world class healthcare facilities and supporting high quality healthcare operations by aligning people, processes and assets.  Our process ensures that your facility is improved with as little disruption to the patient experience as possible. We handle the design,  fabrication and installation  for one seamless workflow. 

Healing Environments

Like healthcare professionals, we are resolutely focused on outcomes, shaping healthcare environments and processes which promote healing, efficiency and resiliency. Our approach is to help healthcare institutions navigate complex requirements to provide flexible and sustainable care environments. Our team designs patient-focused spaces that are aspirational with the goals of improving patient outcomes, enhancing the experiences of visitors and staff, and creating healthier communities.

Positive Distractions

We’re specialists at creating positive distractions throughout your facility to provide pleasant visual stimulation for your patients and staff. Improve a patient’s visit with interior signage

Interactive Kiosks

From patient check-in systems to payment applications, healthcare kiosk solutions streamline business operations and better serve your patients.


Wayfinding gives your hospital the ultimate platform that can help ease stress and enhance the patient experience. Whether it’s through digital location-based solutions, or printed display graphics, help your guests get to where they need to go effortlessly.

Custom Displays

Transform hallways and open spaces into stunning works of art with our custom displays. We can showcase valuable memorabilia, hospital history, and more, in a way that excites visitors and draws interest to your vision.

Donor Walls

Method-1 can help you recognize the generosity of your donors. Celebrate their spirit of giving with a tribute that honors their gifts, provides a visual appreciation and entices others to give with a striking donor wall.


WallArmor™ transforms your walls into beautiful imagery while protecting your walls from damage and dramatically reducing your wall maintenance budget. Attractive, durable and functional, WallArmor turns your walls into anything you want them to be.