With WallArmor™ there are no limits — your walls can become anything you want them to be.

Beautiful, durable and functional.

Flowing down a hallway, around the corner and seamlessly integrating with the architecture of your building,
WallArmor transforms  
your interior space into a vibrant and powerful graphic surface. And with WallArmor’s
unique protective surface, you’ll
 eliminate the need for future wall maintenance,
like patching or painting. That’s extraordinary.

Introducing WallArmor

WallArmor™ transforms your walls into inspirational themes and beautiful imagery while protecting your walls from damage. With WallArmor there are no limits — your walls can become anything you want them to be. WallArmor is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Beautiful, durable and functional.

Powerful First Impressions

In the pursuit of positive first impressions, your lobby is your most important room and your reception desk the most important piece of office furniture. If no other element of your office space embodies your organization’s personality, make sure that it does.

Creating a Feel Good Space

Children’s Hospital of Birmingham, Alabama, utilized WallArmor to create a friendly, kid-friendly environment within their hospital. Geared at lifting spirits in a warmer setting, this WallArmor did the trick, and helped turn boring walls into engaging murals.

Take a tour of Children’s of Alabama

See how Method-1 help Children’s of Alabama in Birmingham create vibrant and engaging spaces throughout their facility. The project spotlighted includes over 28,000 sq. ft. of WallArmor™ to brighten the hallways and also serve as great directional aids. Method-1 also, designed, built and installed a stunning donor tribute wall for the hospital namesake, Benjamin Russell. Custom wall graphics and a educational history wall.  Work continues today on the expansion floors.

“The WallArmor™ from Method-1 is integral to Children’s of Alabama and has provided the visual appeal and help with way-finding that we were looking for.  In addition to the attractiveness of the product, the ease of maintenance is something we look forward to.”

Mike McDevitt 
Executive VP-Facilities & Technology
Children’s of Alabama

WallArmor™ turns ordinary walls into works of art!

See these transformations below.