Imagine the possibilities.
Create an immersive experience that perfectly expresses everything that you want your brand to be.
Amplify experiences and extend your reach.
For many companies today, technology integration into an exhibit or office environment is vital. Method-1 technology integration is about more than just adding TVs or charging stations. It’s about seamless integration. From touchscreens and video walls to custom interactive content, we work with clients to provide the right hardware and the right content, blended together in a way that represents and supports their brand.
Design translated into a memorable experience
From large scale projects to intimate displays and everything in between, our innovative solutions incorporate the latest tech into your unforgettable space.
Interactive solutions that elevate your interior.
Leverage technology to connect with your audience, while making an impression that lasts.
How We Do It
Our team works with you to uncover your individual needs and develop the perfect trade show LED display solution for your project. We help you maximize your display to help show off testimonials, your company’s work, create interactivity, and be creative in your LED deployment.
Design & Build
Whether your design is already established, or you’re just starting our technical sales team can help come up with a LED video display system that fits your need. We work with a variety of design and build companies that can help incorporate a digital experience into your booth.
Content Creation
We can help you offer your audience exciting, media-rich content at every stage to keep them interested and engaged for longer.
Anyone can put a large LED screen in an interior, but much more goes into adding LED Display technology into your project concept. Client gets a dedicated project manager to help make sure your vision is seamlessly integrated ensuring no surprises throughout the process.
From the simplicity of our turnkey options, to fully realized custom installations, we have the capability and know-how to perfectly realize your vision. Using high-quality components, we have the quality and reliability you expect.
Training & Service
Our team is the real deal. They pass on their knowledge relating to your display system to those who will be supporting the system after installation. In turn they become experts.