Oil and Gas Technology Showroom

The concept of the Oil and Gas Showroom is a powerful and complex vision for showcasing how the cross pollination of technological innovation can and does impact the family of oil and gas industry.  To create a spatial narrative that conveys the depth and reach of this cross- pollination process among the network of global innovators, Method-1 envisions the “Oil & Gas Store” as a “Hub,” a dynamic focal point where ideas, products and practical applications are streamed between the companies various research arenas.

Method-1’s design compliments the building’s infrastructure to engage and enlighten visitors with the dynamic story. Arriving visitors are introduced to the “Center for Innovation,” along an elevated bridge overlooking the main floor.  The focal point on the bridge is the “River of Ideas,” an elevated data stream flanked by two towers.  Adjacent to the data stream and flanking the towers are wayside exhibits that give visitors the opportunity to learn about the tradition of innovation while preparing them for the experience on the lower level.

Visitors enter the main floor from the bridge by either stairs or elevator and as part of our broader vision they are immediately immersed in an environment alive with light and video.  The “Showcase” is organized around the main structural grid of the building using columns as mounts for static displays that compliment the open floor plan. There is also  a structural grid populated with a combination of fabric structure, LED lighting and  video arrays to connect the data stream with the primary theme and structure of the space.

The “Oil & Gas Store” component is the focal point of the exhibit space and highlights the company’s overall strategy to harness and utilize innovation and resources in a centrifuge of products and ideas.  The iconic structure, or “Idea Reactor”evokes the tornatic energy generated by oil and gas’s global research.  Using graphics, projected images and text the visitor can follow the “River of Ideas” to the “Idea Reactor.” They engage a series of interactive kiosks located around a center display underneath the elevated “Idea Reactor.”

Located around the “Showcase” floor are various independent displays that allow visitors to explore the different themes.  When viewed from above, the location and arrangement of the various displays are tied to a concentric formation of rings meant to suggest the layering of earth’s core. Using a palette of materials reflective of both nature and technology, the “Center for Innovation” is conceived as a place where the visitor can engage the technology and its physical impact to our world.  Using both spatial and intellectual forces to impact the visitor and help them understand the scope of the oil and gas industry and its innovative technologies that are applied on a global scale.