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ExpoDisplays & Method-1 design, produce and fabricate displays for events.
We are a world-class exhibit and custom interior design house with a 45 year track record of creating extraordinary exhibits and interiors. ExpoDisplays & Method-1 put that experience to work in many other marketing environments such as corporate events, company meetings, product introductions and conventions.
Look at some of our biggest and most exciting events.
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Interested in learning more?
Below you will find an in depth look at the world-class Mercedes-Benz / AMG Product Expert Training event presented by Method-1.
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Setting the stage
Method-1 and Mercedes have a long-standing relationship that includes many amazing interior projects. Over the years Mercedes has come to us for help to transform their After-Sales Experience showroom, their Body Shop Café, their Visitor Center and their MBUSI cafeteria. We have worked together on each of these projects with great success and continue to transform their spaces with both technology and functionality.
In May of 2019, Mercedes contacted us about a potential project that would be unlike any other we had done for them in the past. They wanted to host a very large training event in Birmingham, AL and it would require transforming spaces both inside and outside. This event had previously only been held at a training facility in Germany. The event would be focused on employee training for the Mercedes AMG class of performance vehicles. These vehicles are tuned in a specific way that allows for additional power and sets them apart from a “normal” Mercedes vehicle.
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Our Approach
The event was to take place at two locations within Birmingham. The hands-on training would happen at Barber Motor Sports Park and the classroom training at Ross Bridge Resort. These locations are approximately 12 miles apart and would need to be transformed to become two separate, yet cohesive AMG branded facilities. The vision was that attendees would recognize the same branding in both locations and that branding would truly transform the two locations into what looked and felt like an AMG facility.
After having multiple site meetings with management from Mercedes Birmingham, Atlanta and Germany to discuss the event we felt as though we had a firm understanding of what would be required to make this event successful.

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The team at Mercedes AMG was thrilled with how everything looked as well as how smoothly the weeks’ events ran. We at Method-1 were proud to step back and look at the overall accomplishments of our staff. We had stretched the limits of anything we had done prior and we had superseded our own expectations.