The more senses that are influenced in a positive way, the more likely a brand will be remembered.
Elevate the customer experience
The senses play a key role in consumer perceptions and exert a powerful influence over buying decisions. Marketers have long sought to integrate the senses into brand communications, albeit generally in a limited and partial way. Today, sensory marketing is recognized as an essential tool for strengthening the connection between brand and consumer by stimulating all the senses and generating emotions.
of clients say they are more likely to stay longer in a place of business if they’re enjoying the music, visuals and scent.
of clients say they’re more likely to revisit a business if the music, visuals and scent create an enjoyable atmosphere.
of clients say that music is the number one factor in lifting a shopper’s mood and overall positive impact in-store.
Sensory Marketing
Marketing that influences consumers’ perception of brands by using multi-sensory experiences to establish positive emotional connections.
Capture your guests attention
with dynamic visuals
From personalized digital signage hardware and software to custom digital content, digital directories, video walls, touch interactive kiosks and wayfinding displays, Method-1 will help transform the way people see your business.
Engage your audience with a soundtrack
that will be remembered
Looking for a specific music genre, or a mix of music genres? Or maybe you’re looking for a professionally produced message to play on-hold or in your business? Whatever your sound strategy, Method-1 has a solution to fit your needs.
Complete the sensory experience and create lasting connections with scent marketing solutions.
Scent is the strongest sense tied to memory and emotion, and its power in a business setting is undeniable. Put that power to work and create lasting results.
of all emotions generated every day
are due to what we smell
Rest easy knowing we can handle your system needs
From design-to-installation to service-and-support, we’ve got your back every step of the way. Innovative technology. Robust hardware. Experience and expertise. When it comes to commercial grade systems, we deliver comprehensive and best-in-class solutions you can depend on.
One of the biggest marketing mistakes a brand can make is to focus on only one sense at a time. Method-1 combines the highest level of creative expertise with best-in-class solutions to develop a highly customized sensorial package that’s designed to influence multiple senses. Let us put the power of sensory marketing to work in your business.