Bank Interiors

Design for bank interiors has progressed quickly with high tech components to engage changing clientele. This shift has produced the need for innovative design to help retain customers in the physical environment.


We Do It All.

Stunning renderings that are sure to impress and inspire

At Method-1, we have been designing commercial bank interiors for over 30 years. We provide the creative edge our clients need to lead the way in their industry, integrating innovative designs and sensorial applications. We are an industry leader in commercial design, providing our clients with a unique process.


Office Interior Design
A bank’s interior is a representation of your brand and your culture. It’s one of the first things your customers or members will react to, and it’s a way to attract and retain employees who are a great culture fit. All the interior design elements that will fit your culture, portray your brand and delight your customers or members.

We are the only commercial design firm with an innovative, straightforward approach to interior design services. We handle every aspect of the design process under one roof, allowing us to create impressive environments without compromising quality or budget. We understand the importance of reducing complications in any interior design project, and we strive to provide a streamlined process that reduces stress for our clients.


Our team will consult with you to help determine the vision, business goals and best solutions for your financial institution.


Work with our integrated team of designers


All In-house work done by our expert carpenters and craftsmen.


Completed on time by our professional installers

Bank design begins with your vision.

How is our process different?

The Method-1 Process™ is a revolutionary way of creating and branding bank branches that is fast, easy and reduces the number of vendors you need by 50% to 80%. Plus cost overruns are completely eliminated.
Bank interior design experts at your service
As a leader in the commercial interior design industry, Method-1 is dedicated to providing innovative, creative solutions for banks seeking a modern upgrade. We offer a variety of branding products and sensorial platforms to engage clientele that expects modern efficiencies.
Our designers use our extensive products and solutions to create inspirational modern interior designs. Depending on the individual needs of our clients, we create custom blueprints outlining where each piece fits into the overall design, and ensure that these blueprints are aligned with our client’s desires for their interior.


Enhance the branch experience

How do you make a financial brand more personal?
Many banks and credit unions are deliberately, strategically crafting in-branch experiences that are both innovative and unexpected. Some of the biggest banking providers in the U.S. are moving the needle with highly-curated branch concepts that foster greater levels of customer loyalty by creating a sense of community. Providers now offer an array of services, and a unique range of sensorial experiences. Create a warm, welcoming atmosphere with positive brand experiences utilizing the senses.
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Professional 3D Renderings
Would you like to see what professional 3D renderings actually look like? Are they as realistic as everyone claims they are? You be the judge.
Banks across the country have discovered a new way to rebrand their facilities.
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