Sandy Spring Bank
New York Avenue Branch
This Sandy Spring Bank interior blurs the lines between retail, service, and work space to optimize the customer experience. Contemporary finishes and furniture create a new progressive image and enhance the contemporary design of the building. This bank includes custom digital signage, music in the retail space, overhead music and messages in the 24-hour vestibule, and an in-wall scent diffusing system to elevate the experience and create a perception of cleanliness. WOW!! There was nothing missed in this fab interior. Who says all banks have to look the same?

“My team and I met Adam [Huxhold] at Future Branches in 2019, where we were looking for a design firm that could help us with one of our up-and-coming branch projects. I was impressed that Method-1 actually builds what they design. From sensory marketing solutions and audiovisual technologies, to environmental graphics and custom millwork pieces, Method-1 does it all, and all under one roof! If you’re searching for a partner that is able to implement the majority of your network’s interior needs, I highly recommend Method-1.”

Thomas Gemmell
VP, Corporate Real Estate & Facilities
Voted "Best Bank in America" by Forbes