The Method-1 Process

Method-1 is the only commercial interior firm with a simple, innovative process of creating impressive environments. We handle everything: Consultation, Design, Construction, and Installation. This unique approach results in the inspiring interior you want without the complicated processes found in conventional interior design and construction methods.

How Is Our Bank Interior Design Process Different?

The Conventional Process

The Normal Problematic Approach
The conventional approach to interiors consists of multiple firms collaborating on the design with a variety of contractors and sub-contractors handling the estimating, construction, and installation. This complicated process requires the alliance of firms with naturally conflicting interests. Design firms struggle to create an interior they will not build, while fabrication firms labor to quote and construct items they did not design for a price they were not involved in estimating. Designs are usually changed and re-quoted numerous times and the process breeds miscommunication, mistakes, and cost overruns.

Our Process

Streamlined Process

What if there was a different way? What if one company handled everything? What if the same firm that designed your interior also fabricated and installed it? A company whose designers knew the capabilities and limitations of the fabrication process so that nothing was designed that could not be built? A Company who could eliminate cost overruns by designing to your budget and giving you a firm, fixed price for the interior?

The Method-1 Process has made this dream a reality!

commercial interior designcommercial interior design
Initial Concept
Computer Generated Rendering
Final Product

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