Lipscomb Academy

Nashville, TN

Lipscomb Academy understands that you can only make one first impression which was the driving force behind the  redesign to their interior. Lipscomb is Nashville’s only private school that is located on a college campus, and with that students have access to university facilities and resources. 

Lipscomb Academy desired an area that was an inspiring point of entry to serve as a gathering place for not only prospective students, but also their families and other alumni and guests. From the initial design to the materials chosen, the updated interior was envisioned to be friendly and welcoming. A guest entering the space should almost immediately get a feel for the school’s history and culture, with striking graphics adorning the walls. Lighting was key in creating the atmosphere of the space and with the illuminating wall structure, which glows a radiant purple color, reinforcing the identifiable university color. 

The project encompasses  improvements that elevate and transform the visitor experience. With multiple seating options, monitor displays that help inform guests and interactive elements, this space was transformed in hopes of continuing the tradition of excellence that Lipscomb Academy strives for.