Visitor Center C.A.S.E Experience Room
The Mercedes-Benz C.A.S.E. Experience Room at the Mercedes-Benz Visitor Center is one that engages visitors to consider the future of Mercedes-Benz as well as the future of the automotive industry by exploring its future. Engaging the senses of each visitor from the moment they step into this area grabs their attention while creating opportunity for the inception of Mercedes-Benz’s vision for the future and its C.A.S.E. Strategy. C.A.S.E stands for Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Service and Electric Drive.
Open to the main display space, the experience room creates an opportunity to step into an alternative view of the industry where each visitor can explore and experience the C.A.S.E. Strategy. Upon entering, the visitor’s focus is directed to an automobile that serves not only as reference for the technology, but as a physical means to explore the C.A.S.E. related content. Wrapping the space is an engaging video band housed in a custom enclosure. Continuing around the space, the video band transitions into a highway of light recessed into the wall carrying the visitors experience across the room to a larger monitor array.  Exploring the space at will, visitors can interact with the seamless touchscreen video wall that delivers dynamic content in an engaging way.
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