Alabama Neurology of Birmingham

Alabama Neurology of Birmingham, Alabama, treats a range of neurological disorders from migraines to Parkinson’s with particular emphasis on Multiple Sclerosis. It offers patients on-site lab and infusion services, and in-house physical therapy and counseling. It also houses the Tanner Center and Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis within the same space.

Method-1 designed, fabricated and installed custom designed wall graphics and WallArmor™ to not only enhance the appearance of the interior space, but to also help navigate patients to the different areas. Providing direction and privacy to patients utilizing the Infusion Center, Method-1 applied a large visual mural using our custom product WallArmor™ to the front of a half wall divider and then added 3D letters to the top of the wall that stated, “Infusion Center.”

The waiting area has been enhanced with a custom designed wall display that showcases the two center logos and physician names. The warm wooden tones are accented by a silver header complete with accent lighting that highlights the brushed aluminum 3D letters and logos below. Center stage on the display is a 42″ monitor seamlessly flush mounted within the wood casing. The monitor offers the practice a means for advertising, promoting helpful information or playing entertaining television for the waiting guests.

As patients leave the waiting area and enter the private patient area, there is now a stunning collage of graphics on a curved entry wall utilizing the highly durable WallArmor. While patients are checking out they can learn about the history of the practice and the long lineage of Physicians who have impacted the field. This history was printed on Plexiglass and mounted with silver posts to provide a long lasting finish. Additional wooden name plates and wall graphics were used to identify areas of the center and post valuable information.