Voestalpine Nortrak is North America’s leading designer and manufacturer of special trackwork for railroads as well as a top distributor of new rails. They have 8 manufacturing facilities in North America and 28 plants located world-wide and Method-1 was able to help them with their Chicago location.

Voestalpine Nortrak partnered with Method-1 to turn their outdated, bland lobby into a strong confident representation of their company. Now, when customers or visitors walk in, they are greeted by stand-off wall graphics on each side of the wall with various company related images underneath a custom header with recessed lights. The reception desk has an aluminum substrate (WallArmor™) with images of the company’s products and employees printed directly onto the WallArmor™. By using brushed aluminum on 3d letters, the company name is a prominent focal point within this space.  Nortrak’s lobby went from an outdated office space to an inspiring lobby that showcases the company.