Healthcare Interior & Safety Elements

While we recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic has made ‘business as usual’
impossible, our message to our clients is simple. We want to help you and
your business adjust into the “NEW Normal”.

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How can we help?

For over a decade, Method-1 has helped our clients capitalize on new technologies, optimize operational efficiencies, and elevate the customer and associate experience.

Now more than ever, the focus on health and well being in public places is a priority. We understand that you need to reassure your customers, associates and employees that they are safe and protected in your place of business.

Antimicrobial Laminate

What if you could add a vinyl, laminate graphic to a high traffic area that would change the way people think of your business? What if this graphic gained you more exposure and more customer loyalty? What if I told you that now you can.

Protect your surfaces, your clients and your employees.

Get added exposure for your company in places you had not previously thought about.

Reassurance to your customers and clients that you are doing everything possible to keep them healthy.

Sneeze Guards

Our clear sneeze guard is designed for added protection in your business. It reinforces social distancing between your employees and customers. Our design also allows for easy relocation to different areas as needed. Each size is designed with a small slot for transactions and payments. The sneeze guard fixtures are made from a polycarbonate/ acrylic material. They are durable, sturdy and meet all industry standards. Our sneeze guards will help to lower the risk of virus spread and keep your staff and customers healthy.

We have 4 “standard” models for immediate purchase

We can customize the sizes of the standard models

We can design one from scratch to meet virtually any need and budget.

Value 22” x 26”

Free Standing Sneeze Guard

Value 35” x 30”

Free Standing Sneeze Guard

Value 35” x 30”

Free Standing Sneeze Guard

Deluxe 22” x 26”

Free Standing Sneeze Guard

Deluxe 35” x 30”

Free Standing Sneeze Guard

Deluxe 35” x 30”

Free Standing Sneeze Guard

Vinyl Floor Decals

Social distancing and maintaining 6 feet between persons has never been more important than it is right now. Our customizable vinyl floor decals provide the instruction that you need both inside and outside of your business. These visuals are becoming an everyday standard in public places.

Our floor decals are made with a monomeric PVC film that is both slip resistant and adheres to most any surface. Installation is simple and tool free. With our design and print capabilities you have access to floor graphics in any shape and color that you choose.

Minimum quantities required



Built-in smart pocket to roll your mask into an easy-to-transport item

Face Masks

Using the technology of trade show and branded interior fabric graphics, we are now offering protective, fabric face masks.

Interested in portable/modular healthcare solutions such as wall partitioning wall systems,  transparent barriers or clean rooms? Click the link below to see what options are available for your needs!