Northside Hospital

WallArmor™ for MRI Room

Cold, white, bare rooms certainly don’t help the anxiety that some people have when entering a room for an MRI.  That’s why Northside Hospital in Cummings, Georgia sought a solution for their plain walls.

Images were chosen that produce a calming effect for patience.  WallArmor™ turns ordinary walls into works of art.  It’s perfect for a hospital environment with extreme durability and an anti-microbial finish.

“That  is just beautiful.  I’m going to take a visual of that image with me into the procedure room.  I know it will help.”         – an anonymous, very claustrophobic MRI patient

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“A grand slam home run, no doubt. So we are seeing benefits immediately.”
James Waldrop
Senior Projects Manager
Northside Hospital
Cummings, GA