Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center

Patients visiting the office of Andrews Sports Medicine will observe firsthand the newly redesigned lobby area and updated look this medical practice has established. With increasing competition for patients in a growing field, the opportunity to stand out is key. Andrews Sports Medicine’s interior does just that with the fresh new look, open floor plan and point of interests for patients as they wait.

The welcoming interior emphasizes an inviting environment that conveys comfort and wellness. The custom “concierge desk”, located at the entrance is not only functional,  but serves as the first impression piece.  From the drawer placement to where the printer is located, every detail was thought out to provide maximum efficiency while creating a visual language that is consistent throughout all aspects of the project.

The display cases that are seen throughout the space contain expertly curated collections of memorabilia from college to professional athletes and everyone in between. From the signed Red Sox jersey, to the World Wrestling Federation belt, the memorabilia on display is sure to give patients plenty of things to look at as well as enhance the overall patient experience.