St. Mary’s Hospital, Athens GA

McKenna Heritage Wall

St. Mary’s Hospital has a long history, dating back to the early 1900’s involving several nuns that were pivotal to their story.  They already had a hall with photographs dedicated to the their history but needed a product more durable than a what they were currently using.  Thankfully Method-1 carries a product to fit that bill. St. Mary’s liked our product, WallArmor, so much that they wanted to turn the hallway into a showcase.  Method-1 used WallArmor, 3D letters and logos, printed plex with standoffs and lighting incorporated into the headers to make a stunning installation presentation for the hospital.  The McKenna Heritage Hall now permits patients and employees to learn the history of the hospital by following a timeline with photos and captions. The overall design enables the hospital to add to the hall in the years to come.