Corporate Custom Interior
A-DEC Custom Interior
A-dec has such a rich history and is proud to share their story at their headquarters in Newberg, OR. They wanted to bring the feel of their home to their newest location so they reached out to Method-1 for guidance.

Now, you can experience the new state-of-the-art location for dental professionals to grow, dream, connect, and learn. A-dec’s 19,000-square-foot facility features a premier dental equipment showroom and education center in the heart of “Music City”—Nashville, Tennessee.

We were able to collaborate on the design look and feel to bring the A-dec experience alive. The new Nashville location includes an interactive timeline hallway, taking you through the major milestones for the company. At the end of the timeline hallway, guests can enter the A-dec experience room. This interactive presentation allows guests to experience their headquarters in Newberg, OR without making the trip. The experience room engages the senses for an immersive adventure.