Levi Watkins Learning Center Exhibits

at Alabama State University

The Levi Watkins Learning Center (LWLC) at Alabama State University (ASU) is a new addition to the campus. This brand new building houses a living museum for civil rights activities involving both the university and the city of Montgomery. We were asked to take the lead on the design in several different areas of the building and to do a “turn key” build out for this project. We worked directly with ASU staff to create the content and to ensure that their vision was met.
We designed a main information wall in the lobby/welcome area, a large display for the cafeteria, as well as two rooms that serve as mini museums.
One room focuses specifically on E.D. Nixon and the other room on many different individuals. Those at the university as well as in the area who had an impact on the civil rights movement.
We were able to incorporate touch technology to make this exhibit interactive for visitors as well as many artifact showcases that allow visitors to get extremely close without touching.
This interactive learning center is a great resource for students and ensures a greater understanding than that given by a textbook