Align Precision
M-1 was hired by Align Precision, formerly known as Arch Global Precision, as its partner to help upfresh its local Tuscaloosa facilities, as well as its 12 sister facilities, all purchased by Align. Align Precision was in the process of undergoing a full brand and name change. M-1’s charge was to help create and develop a three leveled design that would encompass interior space planning and design of the reception and conference areas, way-finding and exterior signage partners. As the initial part of the design contract, M-1 traveled to all 13 facilities within 3 months.This assessment helped the design team to see the vast contrast of brand perception amongst the facilities, get a first-hand tour, understand the different manufacturing processes, and ultimately the varying potential guests for each facility. The second part of the design phase was to create these templates and employ them based upon sales volume of the facility, as determined on the client side, by M-1’s main contact, Tim Smith. The main objective was always consistency of brand throughout all facilities. The third and final portion of the design phase was too hit certain budget parameters needed for the facelift, while considering the overall budget for 13 facilities. The first location to receive the upfresh was Cedar City, Utah. Here, M-1’s challenge was that the reception and conference areas were side by side, long and narrow. M-1 space planned a different configuration and worked in partnership with the local Align staff, who hired the local architect and General Contractor. As standard for M-1, we arrive to a white shell. Our dedication to quality and meeting clients’ deadlines were underscored by our own Charles, who drove a custom long 20 foot long conference table across the country and back. As evidenced through the completed pictures, and compared to the originals, a much needed upfresh was completed just in time for a press conference and visit of the US Senator from Utah and the Governor. We await our next facility! .