American Village

The American Village is a project by the Citizenship Trust of Alabama. This site was constructed primarily for the use of school children. It teaches them about life in colonial America and how our country came to be what it is today. There is a replica of Mount Vernon and the Oval office, Independence Hall, a colonial chapel and other colonial buildings.

Method-1 worked with the Citizenship Trust of Alabama to design an exhibit called “The Road to the White House”. This exhibit, located in an extension to the Oval Office is used as a visual and hands on teaching tool about the electoral process of the United States.

Method-1 also worked with Tom Walker, Executive Director of America Village, to design this exhibit in a way that is inviting for young school children, yet also pleasing to the general public.

This exhibit features a larger-than-life graphic of a campaign rally. In front of this graphic is a podium where visitors can read excerpts of famous speeches. Above the podium is a sound dome, which directs the sound of cheers and clapping down on the podium. It is operated by push-button. There is also a push-button telephone bank with six different recordings that tell about the powers of the president.