Country Music Hall of Fame
“Sing Me Back Home” Exhibit
The Country Music Hall of Fame, in Nashville, Tennessee, was looking to solve a few issues they'd been dealing with regarding the entry at the main exhibits area of the museum. The issues stemmed from confusion about where the beginning of the exhibit started and where to go once you were in the space. There was no clear threshold entry to the museum exhibits and no area that would point guests on where to start the main storyline of the museum. Method-1 answered their call and created a new exhibit that combined a dramatic entry with a focused layout and a clear understanding of the fluidity of the narrative.
This new design helped to define and control access to the gallery behind and adjacent to this particular space. This exhibit provided a way to showcase the earlier roots of country music and the role that African Americans played in influencing country music as we know it today. It was designed in a way that made it easily recognizable to visitors that it is the beginning of their Hall Of Fame tour.