Galleria Towers

Method-1 Shield™

When the management at the Galleria Towers in Birmingham Al were given the opportunity to protect their patrons with Method-1 Shield, they did not hesitate. We installed Method-1 Shield on both interior and exterior doors as well as elevator buttons within the towers. We installed Method-1 Shield on 15 floors within this building!

Offering this added level of protection to everyone who enters and exits the building will give them a sense of well being and security in knowing that their  health is a priority for this business.

Galleria Towers Applications
  • Interior Door Push Bars
  • Elevator Buttons
  • Interior and Exterior Door Handles

“Managing a large office tower includes overseeing the health and wellbeing of a large number of people. We have tenants on all 15 floors of our Galleria Tower, and we have a responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for each of them. Adding Method-1 Shield to many of our high traffic areas was our way of adding another tool to our toolbox. We are doing everything possible to improve consumer confidence and ensure a clean building. This addition has been well received by our tenants and has proven to be a very durable product.”

Alan Paquette | GM Office Management & Operations