Medical Properties Trust

Medical Properties Trust called on Method-1 to install a graphics wall showing all the hospitals in the country that they manage. The wall consists of a map of the United States, showing the states in which they currently have hospitals in, designated by green acrylic. As they acquire hospitals in new states, they can easily switch the silver states for green ones. The map is LED backlit and the states are separated by brushed aluminum borders. The acrylic graphics of their hospitals and MPT mottos are suspended by stainless cables and illuminated with overhead lighting. The hallway, in which the graphics are displayed, connects two of the main office spaces at their headquarters. It offers a constant reminder of their accomplishments and growth for both the employees and guests.

Ed Aldag

Ed Aldag, CEO of Medical Properties Trust, often uses this wall for photo ops related to accolades for his business.  Where will you stand next time you hit it out of the park and want the world to know about it?