SEC Headquarters

National Championship Trophy Case

The SEC (Southeastern Conference) contacted Method-1 about their need to have a custom display case created so that they would be able to showcase the multiple National Championship Trophies the conference has achieved.

Method-1’s designers went to work to design a display cabinet that would fit into an existing wall within SEC’s lobby.  After seeing the actual trophies, our team of  designers created the display cabinet to fit the size and style of the trophies while also complimenting the existing style of the lobby interior.  The project included a large background graphic with the prominent logo of the SEC. Also included in the design were recessed and LED edge-lighting, which made the trophies on display really demand attention.

Method-1’s simple process allowed the SEC to get a custom display case which not only aided in reinforcing their brand, but also created a centerpiece to their interior that all who enter are able to enjoy.