Space & Rocket Center

Mars Exhibit

The U.S. Space and Rocket Center is the world’s largest space museum. The client was looking for an interactive display for the space camp kids. This exhibit simulated a trip to Mars. The kids enter the exhibit and find themselves in a blue room with a space ship sort of ride. They enter the simulator and watch a video that simulates a trip to Mars. When they exit the ride they find themselves in the same room they started in, only now the lighting is red. The blue and red lighting represent Earth and Mars. The kids then go to a room to find several workstations and lockers. Space suits were provided and the kids put them on before picking up their assignments at the workstations. The journey then proceeded through the air lock and down a spiral staircase to the Mars surface. The space campers would then find the material they needed to complete their assignment. This material could be to collect some rocks from Mars or to measure a specific part of the surface. They then brought the information back up to the workstations for analyzing.

Method-1 provided practically all aspects of this exhibit, from the flooring to the walls to the lighting. We did not provide the simulator nor did we produce the Mars surface. The client was very helpful in telling us what he would like to see and even providing sketches in some cases. This was a fun project and one of the first large museum exhibits for Method-1 at that time. The client was extremely happy with the project as a whole.