The Saban Show

Traveling TV Show Set

Sometimes the best option for an interior display, is something portable and flexible. Consider what Method-1’s parent company, ExpoDisplays did for The Saban Show of The University of Alabama. Keeping in mind that the show would need to be filmed in a variety of settings including traveling locations, a portable show setup was the perfect solution. A backdrop wall is created by combining a 10’ x 10’ fabric pop-up display with two accent banner stands for depth. All three pieces can be set in place in under two minutes for a quick and easy installation. The focal point of the show is the custom built desk constructed of a deep crimson base with frosted plex accent panels and under-the-counter lighting to accent the prominent school logo on the front. Together these pieces set the perfect stage for Nick Saban’s talk show and help to reinforce the University of Alabama’s branding in the mind of viewers. Consider how a flexible and portable exhibit solution from ExpoDisplays might score the touch down for your business.