Vestavia Hills Library in the Forest

In order to recognize the generous contributors who helped make the new facility possible, a donor wall was created by Method-1 to look distinguished while blending seamlessly into the surrounding structural elements. Fitted into a recessed area directly inside the entrance to the library, the donor wall stands just over 10’ high and spans 12’ wide. A large forest image becomes the backdrop for three suspending ½” green edge plex panels. The library’s logo and the donor names are etched into the back of the plex and are illuminated by the recessed lights encased above and below. 3D letters rest on top of a wooden header with a brushed aluminum background.

Located directly in front of the main staircase is the Buy-A-Leaf donor wall. Upon contributing the necessary amount, donors will have their name printed onto an acrylic plaque that includes a realistic-looking printed leaf. A large graphic landscape fades into the background and provides a vivid scene for the various leaves. Trimmed in wood with a header, recessed lights and 3D letters, the donor wall also contains a partial painted backdrop that ties it into the same wall treatment used in the entranceway. The donor names will continue to be printed until all remaining donations have been received and there are no blank plaques left.