Prototype 3 White

  • Custom plywood/laminate tv wall with a recessed area for 55” monitors. Laminate and butcher block finished customer counter and equipment cabinet with lockable storage, vents, and grommets below TVs. Wall armor spanning back, right, and sometimes left walls, with routed “wave wall” mounted on right and sometimes left wall, usually in quantities of 1-2.
  • Plywood/laminate podium with butcher block countertop, monitor mounted at angle and below surface of countertop, some also received a similar sized podium with monitor mounted above the countertop. Also developed a smaller version of the podium. Lockable storage with areas specifically design for Woodforest equipment.


0176 – Fulshear, TX
0285 – Dickson City, PA
0399 – Winston Salem – Kester Mill, NC
0154 – Brownsville, TX
0155 – Brownsville, TX
8269 – Easley, SC
8284 – Douglasville, GA
0114 – Houston, TX