Digital Directories? Yes, we do that!

West Second Street Associates, owner of The Plaza in downtown Birmingham, has become our first client to purchase a digital directory! This sale is derived from our Sensorial line of products and will likely be a jumping off point for other locations as well.

West Second Street Associates (WSSA) was founded in 1993 based on the philosophy of providing quality service, with integrity and excellence, across the entire spectrum of real estate investment and development.

Their successes have positioned WSSA as a profitable leader in government, commercial, and multifamily residential real estate all across the United States. WSSA is a provider of Class A office space to a diverse group of tenants. Their facilities typically incorporate the highest quality finishes and amenities. Therefore, a digital directory was a nice added touch of class to this Birmingham location. We are very excited about being able to sell this directory in this location and we will look forward to the continued partnership we have with West Second Street Associates.