Our Top 3 Interiors of 2021

New York Avenue Branch
This Sandy Spring Bank interior blurs the lines between retail, service, and work space to optimize the customer experience. Contemporary finishes and furniture create a new progressive image and enhance the contemporary design of the building.
Celebrating 5,000 Saturday Night Broadcasts
In August of 2021 The Grand Ole Opry opened a limited-time exhibit at the Acuff House, Opry Memories: Celebrating 5,000 Saturday Night Broadcasts. The exhibit takes guests on a journey through the inception of WSM-AM radio and the first Grand Ole Opry broadcasts and continues forward covering special moments from milestone broadcast eras of 1,000 broadcasts up to present day.
Tower Homes, a highly reputable homebuilding company in Birmingham, AL recently acquired the office space next to them and wanted to create a design center adjacent to their current office. Upon receiving a recommendation from another one of Method-1's clients, Tower Homes decided to contact Method-1 to design, fabricate and install the interior of their new design center.