For a museum to be truly effective, its visitors must not only see the story, they must feel that they are a part of it.

From initial concepts to exhibit and graphic design to construction and installation, Method-1 never loses site of
that crucial concept. The result is an unforgettable experience from a story worth telling.

We handle it all…

Method-1 has streamlined the process into a simple, single-firm method that eliminates the barriers and limitations
of the conventional
 approach. Since Method-1 handles everything from design to fabrication to installation, your
vision of what your museum can be
 will not be compromised by multiple firms with conflicting interests.

Design Concept

Once initial programmatic requirements are identified schematic design will be developed through sketches and computer modeling and animation. These concepts will be used to refine the overall experience with regard to lighting, materials, and flow of the space.


All display cases fabricated by ExpoMuseums are custom designed, engineered and constructed based on your specific needs. Methods of display can vary from exposed interactive displays to hermetically sealed environments with desiccant chambers and UV filtered lighting.


Once a project has been fully staged at our facility for final fit and finish adjustments the components are disassembled and relocated to their final location. Our clients benefit by having many of the carpenters responsible for the construction of the exhibits personally onsite to oversee and engage in its installation.


We utilize our in-house graphics department to design, produce and install printed media as well as 3D dimensional letters as stand alone installations or as part of a larger display. We employ professional graphic designers to compose raw media into print quality images or create from scratch based on project guidelines.

An Unforgettable Experience

See how Method-1 took the stories of these museums to make them an unforgettable experience.